About Shan Wong

From a young age, Shan was captivated by the world of arts and design, recognizing that her true calling lay within this creative realm.

Shan's educational journey began at the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she honed her artistic talents before earning a Bachelor (Hons) of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Huddersfield (UK). After graduation, Shan expanded her skillset by working with renowned interior design consultancy firms, such as Eco-id Architects and BCDO. There, she managed high-end projects across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.

In a bold move, Shan temporarily stepped away from design to explore the world of property development. At KOP Properties, she assumed the role of Assistant Manager and took on the unique challenge of representing the client's perspective. In this capacity, she collaborated closely with designers to manage the design aspects of the company's luxurious properties, including The Hamilton Scotts, Ritz Carlton Residences, and Montigo Resorts.

Ultimately, Shan's passion for design drew her back to her true calling. With a decade of invaluable experience under her belt, she founded Shan Wong Interior Design in 2017. The firm embodies a vision that bespoke design should be accessible to all, ensuring that every client receives an unparalleled design experience.

Contact Shan Wong today to discover how she can help transform your space into the haven of your dreams. Stay connected with Shan on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for updates, inspiration, and expert insights.