Inspiration: Mirai No Table

Mirai No Table outdoor view
© Harema

Let's talk about something genuinely interesting: Mirai No Table in Tokyo. This café is doing something different, and it's worth a look.

Mirai No Table indoor seating
© Harema

Family-Friendly by Design

Mirai No Table is a café that's got both parents and kids in mind. Designed by Harema Design Office, it offers practical services like warming baby food and reheating dishes. It's a thoughtful touch that makes family dining a breeze.

Bakery on display
© Harema

The Space

The café features a unique 'Tunnel' that serves as a playful connector between a temple and a park. It's filled with bread shelves and display cases, adding a bit of intrigue for both kids and adults.

Tunnel that serves as a connector
© Harema

Open-Air Comfort

The café extends into an open dining area that faces Fukagawa Park. It's a relaxed setting where parents can dine and still keep an eye on their kids. The terrace even has movable canopies for changing weather.

Design Takeaway

What stands out about Mirai No Table is its balanced design. It's a space that caters to the needs of both parents and children without compromising on aesthetics. It's a good example of how thoughtful design can enhance an experience.

If you're in Tokyo, it's worth a visit. And if you're thinking about a space that needs to be both functional and inviting, this café offers some inspiration.

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