The process of sketching

Sketch by Shan Wong
Sketch by Shan Wong

Sketching has long been an essential tool for artists and designers, enabling them to express their ideas and convey their vision visually. In the world of interior design, sketches play a vital role in the creative process, offering a unique way to communicate with clients and collaborators. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of sketching in interior design and uncover the reasons why designers rely on this timeless technique to bring their ideas to life.

Making ideas visual

Sketches turn abstract thoughts into visual representations, making it easier for clients and collaborators to understand a designer's vision. A sketch can say more about a design concept than words alone, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Sketches during the ideation phase of a restaurant at Boat Quay by Shan Wong
Sketches during the ideation phase of a restaurant at Boat Quay

Experimenting and Refining

Designers use sketches to play with different layouts and elements, discovering what works best for a space. This process allows them to iron out any kinks and create a more polished final design.

Restaurant in a church sketch by Shan Wong
Concept for the former White Rabbit restaurant

Teamwork and Feedback

Sharing sketches with clients encourages collaboration and helps designers gather valuable feedback. Adjusting designs based on client input ensures that the result matches their vision and expectations.

Furama hotel lobby sketch by Shan Wong
Furama hotel lobby sketch

Quick and Nimble

Sketching is a fast and efficient way to record ideas as they come. Designers can quickly jot down their thoughts and refine them later, making it easier to stay flexible and adapt to changes.

Midtown Explorer Academy sketch by Shan Wong
Explorer Academy: the sketch
Midtown Explorer Academy by Shan Wong
Explorer Academy: the final product

Connecting Emotionally

Sketches have a unique ability to evoke emotions, allowing clients to connect with a design on a deeper level. Conveying the mood of a space through sketches can spark excitement and enthusiasm for the project.

A lounge and bar concept by Shan Wong
A lounge and bar concept


Sketching is a powerful tool in the world of interior design, helping designers communicate, experiment, and collaborate. The next time you see a designer's (digital) sketchbook, remember that each doodle plays an essential role in creating beautiful spaces.

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